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Create Custom Artwork, Tailored To Your Taste

You design the artwork and we’ll make it into a stunning LED neon sign guaranteed to grab attention and earn

compliments. You can pick from our extensive artwork selection of LED neon signs... or you can upload an

image or logo for your very own custom LED neon artwork and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a


[Layout in a 1-6 step process]


Artwork — Select from our extensive product list for an LED neon sign that’s perfect for you. And if you

already have a design in mind, we’ve still got you covered! Whether you’re a business with a logo, an

influencer with a brand image or someone with a vision, upload the image you want on the Create Your Own

Sign page and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

[Select Sign Artwork] [Upload Image/Logo]


Color — Take your pick between 9 vibrant neon colors. [Display colors below]

Font — Take charge of your artwork design with your choice of customized font. [Choose from our selection

of artistic font types or you can upload a custom image/logo and we’ll create it to your liking.]

Size — We think your artwork should best fit you, not the other way around. So whether you’re working in a

tight area or with ample space, we have a size that fits your needs. Sizes are determined by sign width— from

far left letter to far right letter. Choose the sign size that best suits you. [display sizes and specs below]

** Artwork height depends on font type, capitalization preferences, and artwork. **

• 50 cm width — up to 3 letters per line

• 75 cm width — up to 9 letter per line

• 100 cm width — up to 12 letters per line

• 150 cm width — up to 15 letters per line

• 200 cm width — up to 24 letters per line

• 250 cm width — up to 30 letters per line

• 300 cm width — up to 36 letters per line

Backboard — Let your creative spirit soar with a unique backboard selection. Customize the cut design of

your backboard or add extra pizzazz with a stand or box option. All backboards are made from high-quality,

translucent acrylic. So your sign will pop with vibrance and will be lightweight, durable, and easy to mount

upon arrival. [show backboard options below]

[Cut Around] [Rectangle] [Cut to Letter] [Stand] [Hanging Box] [Wall Mount Box] [Free Standing Box]

Location — Looking to strengthen your curbside appeal or host an outdoor event? Select our waterproof

sign option to easily put your new LED neon sign outside.

[Indoor: I don’t need water-proof artwork] [Outdoor: Yes! Please water-proof my artwork for outdoor use]